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No. Two entirely different cartridges.

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Q: Can you shoot a 7mm mauser round in a 7mm Remington mag?
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Can you shoot 7mm-08 remington ammo in a 7mm Remington magnum rifle?


Find Remington firearm 7mm s m?

The 7MM is short for the caliber 7X57mm which is the 7x57mm Mauser Cartridge. When the Rolling Block was made in the late 1890's and early 1900's, the S.M stood for Spanish Mauser. The Spanish model 1893 mausers shot the 7x57mm round. the US was on the receiving end of that fine round in the Spanish-American war. At the time, the 7x57mm was known as the 7mm Spanish Mauser round.

Are there newer guns that use the 7X52 7mm mauser round?


Can a 7mm Remington mag shoot 1760 yards?


Can you shoot 7mm Remington through a 7mm rum gun?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE

Can you shoot 7mm Remington in 7mm weatherby rifle?

NO The ammunition must match the marking on the Barrel exactly. If you do it is an accident waiting to happen.

Can you shoot a 7mm Remington mag in a 7mm Weatherby rifle?

DO NOT DO THIS!!!! The OAL on the 7mm Mag is 2.5 inches and the 7mm Weatherby is 2.55 inches. SInce they headspace on the belt, and due to the freebore in the Weatherby, the 7mm Mag may chamber in the Weatherby. SAAMI lists the 7mm Mag/7mm Weatherby as an unsafe combination one will probably chamber in the other. DO NOT SHOOT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AMMUNITION!!!!

Can you shoot 7mm Remington sa ultra mag in a Charles daly 7mm Remington mag?

NO THE AMMUNITION MUST MATCH EXACTLY WHAT IS STAMPED ON THE BARREL. THIS IS AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN. If you dont know take the gun to a gunsmith and have him check this for you. Not Walmart.

What is the difference between 7mm and 7mm mag guns?

There are several different calibers that can be called "7mm". They are not interchangable. If you have any doubts about the right cartridge for your gun, take it to a gun store so they can show you the right ammo. Using the wrong ammo can KILL you. Please be safe. Now that the obligatory safety warning is out of the way, let's talk about some of the cartridges. Remington, Winchester and Weatherby all have 7mm magnums. Remington also has a non magnum 7 mm, also known as the .280 Remington. There are many others, including the 7X57 (also known as the 7mm Mauser), 7X30 Waters, 7 TCU and my personal favorite, the 7mm-08 Remington. Hope this helps!

Mauser chileno rifle model 1895 what kind of bullets can you use?

The '95 Chilean Mauser is chambered for 7mm Mauser. There may be surplus military ammunition still floating around from Cheaper Than Dirt or other sources and the round is still loaded commercially.

What is the value of a 7mm 1928 mauser?

50-200 or so

Can you shoot Winchester 7mm rem mags in your mauser m24 7mm?

no even though the projectile (Bullet) is the same diameter and weight, the cartridge cases are very different, the 7mm rem mag is a belted magnum, and is larger in length and diameter than 7mm mouser cartridge. in other words the 7mm magnum is too big to fit in the M24's chamber