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DO NOT DO THIS!!!! The OAL on the 7mm Mag is 2.5 inches and the 7mm Weatherby is 2.55 inches. SInce they headspace on the belt, and due to the freebore in the Weatherby, the 7mm Mag may chamber in the Weatherby. SAAMI lists the 7mm Mag/7mm Weatherby as an unsafe combination one will probably chamber in the other.


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Q: Can you shoot a 7mm Remington mag in a 7mm Weatherby rifle?
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Can you shoot 7mm Remington in 7mm weatherby rifle?

NO The ammunition must match the marking on the Barrel exactly. If you do it is an accident waiting to happen.

Can you shoot 7mm-08 remington ammo in a 7mm Remington magnum rifle?


Do you have to use weatherby ammo in a weatherby?

The answer is yes...and no There are several models of Weatherby rifles. Different models are avail. in a plethora of calibers. Here is an example: If you have a Weatherby Mark V chambered for 7mm Weatherby Mag YOU CANNOT shoot 7MM Remington Mag ammo. Dont look at the manufacturer of the ammo, look at the caliber and do not interchange. Weatherby has several "propriatary" calibers, wby 7mm, wby 270, wby 257, wby 460, and others. Look on the barrel for the caliber stamp. If your rifle is chambered in one of these "weatherby" calibers, you must shoot either Wby ammo, or reload. If your rifle is chambered in a standard caliber (270 win, 30.06, 243, 7mm, 257, etc,etc, you can shoot any munufacturers ammo that is in that caliber. Hope this helped, any questions:

Can you shoot 7mm weatherby mag ammo in a 7mm Remington mag rifle?

NEGATIVE! Again NO. The cartrige will not fit in the chamber. However you can fire the 7mm Remington Mag in the weatherby but you will void the warranty and end up with some cases that look just like the 7mm weatherby. This process is called "fire forming" and it is use to make cases of a rare caliber from common ones. Your accuracy will not be very good and it should only be done by an experinced shooter or reloader. For pracital purposes though only shoot the specific cases that are marked to shoot in your gun. You could be seroiusely hurt to do so with out special knowlage and experince.

What is the value of a weatherby 7mm mag rifle?

100-1000 + depending on specifics

Which is bigger the .300 weatherby or the 7mm?

Depends which 7mm your talking about. The only 7mm I know of that has a larger case capacity than the 300 wby mag is the 7mm Remington ultra mag or 7mm rum

Can a 7mm Remington mag shoot 1760 yards?


Can you shoot a 7mm mauser round in a 7mm Remington mag?

No. Two entirely different cartridges.

What is the value of a sako 7mm Remington magnum rifle?

Sako, and Remington are two different manufacturers.

What cartrige is larger 7mm Remington magnum or the 30-06 Remington rifle cartrige?

The 7mm Remingtonn is longer. The 30/06 has a larger projectile.

Can a 7mm-08 rifle shoot 308 bullets safely?


Which is better a Remington 700 7mm or a ruger m7 7mm?

If you want a "Rifleman's" rifle then go with the Remington, if you looking for a lower cost but solid rifle that's your Ruger. Both are good choices but the feel, fit, and triggers are different.

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