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Oral piercing generally don't close up, they tend to just shrink. I would suggest a visit to your local professional body piercer and have him/her use a taper to probe the area and see if the piercing is still open (which it should be). This would save you a piercing fee and healing time.

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Q: Can you re pierce the scoop tongue piercing?
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Can you re-pierce a naval piercing?

It's more painful than the first time, But yes you can re pierce a navel.

Your tongue piercing fell out the day after you got it done can you re-pierce it in the same spot and how long should you wait?

you need to wait for it to heal 4-6 weeks i would chuckanother 2 weeks on there even though ur tongue heals quick its so painful re-piercing really bad. hope this helped

Can you re pierce your tongue if you've had it pierced before?


How do they and can they re-pierce your ears if only the back of the piercing has closed up?

yes they can.

Can you re-angle your badly angled tongue piercing?

yea ...redo it

Will they re pierce a navel?

The body piercing studio re-pierced my cousins navel em I'm thinking about getting mine done they should re-pierce it my cousins was infected but over healed they done hers again!:)

Can you re-pierce your nipple after it grew out?

You can re-pierce almost any piercing if it has grown out. A few things to consider; anytime a piercing closes it form scar tissue so make sure your piercer is aware of a previous piercing. Also, while some piercings do sometimes "grow out" or reject, sometimes it is a matter of improper piercing placement. Be sure your piercer is certified and experienced.

Does it hurt when they have to re-pierce your lip?

I have personally done this before, i got my right lip piercing re-pierced in the exact same spot and no it doesn't hurt, it feels the same as getting your first lip piercing.

How long after you pierce your nose can you re pierce it?

Absolutely. If you do it in the same spot as you had it before, you will be piercing through scar tissue. This is perfectly okay, but some people find it to be slightly more painful.

Can you make a crooked belly button piercing straight?

You can move it around after stretching or another healing process. But it's simpler to re pierce.

Can you re pierce your spider bite piercing?

You can as i have done it and it was okay, however i did go back and have it done professionally.... Go back to the place you had it done and see what they say :)

Does a nose piercing hurt more when you re-pierce then when you got it pierced the first time?

Depends. Sometimes, piercing scar tissue is more painful but then again, it might not even bother you.