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depends on the misdemeanor. For a crime of domestic violence, no.

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Q: Can you own a firearm with a class a misdemeanor on your record?
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Can you own a firearm with a criminal record in MN?

That depends on exactly what it is. If you have felonies on your record, or misdemeanor domestic abuse charges, then you can't - that's FEDERAL law, applicable regardless of which state you're in. Many misdemeanor drug offences will also disqualify you from being able to legally own a firearm.

Can I own a firearm when discharged from parole?

This ALL depends on what state you live in, and what crime you committed. In most states, you must have a clean record to possess a firearm with no felonies, so if it is a misdemeanor, it takes the time they tell you to have it expunged from your record. If it is a felony, you can NEVER own a gun legally.

Can you buy a gun if you had a misdemeanor in mn?

Depends on what the misdemeanor is. While most won't disqualify you from being able to own a firearm, there are some that will.

Does a conviction of a class b misdemeanor mean you cant have a concealed firearm permit?

In the U.S. it depends on the state. Each states sets it's own rules for issuing permits.

Plead guilty to a felony but got it reduced to a misdemeanor after completing probation. can i own a firearm and get a oncealed weapons permit?

it dependes it the felony had something to do with a violate crime. or the class of the feloney.

Can you own a gun in Wisconsin if you have a class A misdemeanor on your record?

yes just as long its not a felony Actually, it depends on what type of misdemeanor. If it is a misdemeanor offense of domestic violence, you cannot own a gun (or more specifically, you are a prohibited person).

Can a person that is disabled and also has a record of a class a misdemeanor get a gun permit?

It depends on where you are. In the U.S. each state sets its own rules. I can tell you, by federal law, the only misdemeanor that disqualifies you from owning a gun is a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence.

Will a Class A misdeaneanor disqualify for concealed handgun?

It depends on two things: what state, and what type of misdemeanor. Each state sets its own rules regarding requirements to get a permit. However, a misdemeanor for domestic violence disqulifies you from owning a firearm by federal law.

Will a non violent non drug related and non sexual offence High Court Misdemeanor effect your right to own or possess a firearm?

As long as the misdemeanor is non violent, non drug related, and non sexual or threatening then it will not affect you right to own a firearm.

Can you own a gun with a outright misdeamor on your record?

That depends on what the misdemeanor is, exactly.

Can you own a firearm if you had a class c felony being a juvenile?


Can you own a firearm with a misdemeanor on an animal abuse charge?

The right to own a firearm is generally not taken away on misdemeanor offenses, but seeing that animal abuse is often a violent crime that says something about the person's character, the judge may choose to do so. It will be stated specifically with the sentence if it is taken away.