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Q: Can you own a firearm if you had a class c felony being a juvenile?
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What class of felony is possession of a firearm while on probation in the sate of Florida?


Can you buy a firearm if convicted of a class B felony of assault and battery?


Can you own a firearm in NJ if you have a nonviolent class 3 felony?

You need to get a lawyer.

How much stolen property to be considered a felony in KY?

$500 or more is a Class D Felony unless it is a firearm in which case no matter the value it is a Class D felony. Theft of anhydrous ammonia is also a felony no matter the value.

What class felony is possession of a stolen firearm?

You need a lawyer for a current, legal and correct answer for your situation.

Can you carry a firearm with a class 6 felony?

No. Convicted felons may NOT own or possess firearms.

Is it illegal for someone to provide a felon with a firearm?

Extremely. It is a class A felony to knowingly arm a felon.

Can you own a firearm with a class c felony in the state of North Dakota?

No. Federal Law says that anyone convicted of a Felony is ineligible to own a firearm under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

If you break in a home and steal a firearm what felony is this?

it is considered a class D felony to steal, or withhold from it's rightful owner, a firearm. this charge will be added to the charges brought up for the B n' E

Can a class c felon purchase a gun in Alabama?

No felony offender, of any class, can legally possess a firearm in ANY state.

Can you get a firearm permit with a class you felney in Connecticut?

Not sure what you mean by "class you" but any felony precludes a person from owning a firearm and no state will issue a firearms permit to somone who is a felon, unless you have had your rights restored.

Max amount of time for assaulting a juvenile?

Assaulting a minor is a class 3 felony in many states 5-20 Assaulting a minor is a class 3 felony in many states 5-20

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