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You need to get a lawyer.

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Q: Can you own a firearm in NJ if you have a nonviolent class 3 felony?
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Can you own a firearm in mt if you have a nonviolent felony?

No. No convicted felon can ever lawfully be in possession of a firearm.

If you lawfully own a registered handgun and get convicted of a nonviolent felony can they take away your firearm?

They can forbid you to possess any firearm.

Can you own a firearm if you had a class c felony being a juvenile?


Can you own a firearm with a class c felony in the state of North Dakota?

No. Federal Law says that anyone convicted of a Felony is ineligible to own a firearm under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

Can you carry a firearm with a class 6 felony?

No. Convicted felons may NOT own or possess firearms.

Can you own a firearm if convicted of a class IV felony?

It is a federal crime for convicted felons to ever own or possess a firearm, under ANY circumstance. (US Code, Title 18)

After 20 year felony can you own a firearm in florida?

If a person has a felony you cannot own a gun. It does not matter how long you have had the felony.

Plead guilty to a felony but got it reduced to a misdemeanor after completing probation. can i own a firearm and get a oncealed weapons permit?

it dependes it the felony had something to do with a violate crime. or the class of the feloney.

Can you own a firearm if you have a felony DUI with injury in ca?


Can a minor convicted of a felony in Minnesota own firearm?


Can a class B felon apply for a gun license?

No. Anyone convicted of a felony of any type is ineligible to own, possess or purchase a firearm.

Can you own a firearm in Ms if you have a class e felony?

No. Under federal law, a convicted felon may not purchase, possess, or have access to firearms.