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No, a pellet gun can't kill a bear it will only make it angry. There for it will eaither attack you or just ignore it.

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Q: Can you kill a bear with a 1500 fps pellet gun?
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Can a 177 1200 fps pellet gun kill a fox?

With the right pellet you you can, But it should be a hunting Pellet (Hollow-point) and it should be a heavy pellet not a light weight pellet with at least 900 to1000 FPS.

What is the minimum fps to kill a bird?

1,350 fps is the maximun to kill a bird and 350 fps is the minimun to kill a bird. make sure it is pellet NOT A BB so 1,350 fps - 350fps

How many fps does a pellet gun need to kill a bird?

350FPS would be sufficient

Is a 600 fps .177 pellet gun good enough to kill a rabbit?

It's not the fps that kills, but the shape of the pellet that will do the job. All the pellet shapes will kill the rabbit, but hollow point pellets will mushroom on impact and make a clean kill. other pellets might travel right through the rabbit and it will hop off and die later

What is the fps for the 760 pumpmaster?

600 FPS - Pellet 625 FPS - BB

Can a 1200fps gun kill a bear?

No! And for those that think the bear will ignore it I'll just say this. If you are OUT OF YOUR MIND and use a pellet gun then the bear WILL NOT, I REPEAT, WILL NOT IGNORE IT! IT WILL ATTACK! Therfore the only out come is it will charge you while you are reloading your precious single-shot pellet gun and will have you for supper. If you are hunting deer or elk with a pellet gun then you can kill one because there are high-powerd pellet guns out there that are proven to kill medium game...BUT NOT LARGE GAME!

Can a pellet gun at 475 fps kill a muskrat?

A head shot with hollow point pellets would be best.

How strong does a pellet gun have to be to kill a pigeon with 5.5 pellets?

You are talking about a .22 Cal pellet. anything above 300 FPS (Feet per second ) is sufficient.

Can a 1200 fps pellet gun kill a fox?

yes. It is possible but I suggest you use hunting pellets (hollow point)

Is 200 fps pellet gun enough to kill a rabbit?

Not Likely. That is too slow. You would need around 600FPS.

What is fps in bb guns?

FPS stands for Feet Per Second. This is how fast the manufacture rates to BB or pellet as it comes out of the barrel. A slow FPS is around 250 FPS a very fast FPS is around 1200 FPS a few rifles can attain over 1500 FPS. Airsoft guns rarely get above 500 FPS because the projectile is so large.

If you have a pellet gun what does FPS mean?

FPS is the abbreviation for "Feet per second". Used to state how fast a pellet travels when first fired.