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during intercourse a man excretes 'precum'. This is simply the prerequisite of a mans ejaculation of his sperm into a womans vagina. The precum does have sperm and you can most definitely get pregnant from even small amounts of sperm. It only takes one to win the race!

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Q: Can you get pregnant if the guy pulls out and there is no pre-ejaculate around you?
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Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out and your not on birth control?

yes you can actually

What happens if a guy pre-cums and pulls out?

The girl gets pregnant and another idiot is born.

Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out to come then puts it straight back in you?

Yes. There is always some left in the urethra. The pull out method get 1/4 pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if a guy wears a condom and pulls out right when it Breacks and he says he didn't cum at all?

yes. you can get pregnant from pre-cum. if so much as one sperm cell makes it to your egg cell, you could get pregnant, but the chances of that happening are slim to none.

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can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm

Is pregnancy may occur if the guy pull out his sperm out?

YES. The preejaculate fluid may contain enough sperms to cause pregnancy. And PLEASE keep the packs of condoms with you for your guy to be used, who may give you many more sexually transmitted diseases apart from HIV.

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No you can't get pregnant from that.

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