Why would a guy poke a girl's sides?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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it could mean he likes you or he is just playing around

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Q: Why would a guy poke a girl's sides?
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Why can girls play on guy teams in high school but guy's can't play on girls teams?

Guys tend to be more aggressive and faster than girls as they grow older, so it would be unfair to put a guy on a girls team.

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If a guy likes you will he sit close to you and poke you?

i have no idea.but maybe yes because I've read some books when i was small and their the guy does poke the girl------------but maybe no........

Would girls like me?

Yes, they like it when the guy has confidence.

Would a guy like a girl with a sweet personality?

Depends on who the guy is.. If he goes for down to earth girls, then yes... he would.. promise. :)

Would a Black guy tickle a girls feet?

I'm sure he would if you asked him to.

What does it mean when you poke a guy in the sholder and he smiles at you?

If he was laughing, then he was probably (in a way) flirting with you. Think of it... if it was someone else who poked him, would he smile?

Why do girls poke guys?

Either they Like The Girl, just want their attention, hate the girl, just being stupid, or LOVEthe girl.... You know the saying if a guy/boy/man/male is mean to a girl/woman/female they probably LIKEthe girl.... if the opposite its the other way around. But there you go that's your answer's does a boy/guy poke a girl?;);););)

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because he is picking