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YES. The preejaculate fluid may contain enough sperms to cause pregnancy. And PLEASE keep the packs of condoms with you for your guy to be used, who may give you many more sexually transmitted diseases apart from HIV.

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Q: Is pregnancy may occur if the guy pull out his sperm out?
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Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his finger inside on the vagina and pull it?

No. Pregnancy requires your egg and at least one of his sperm cells. Unless he has wet sperm on the intruding finger, pregnancy won't happen.

Could you be pregnancy if guy sperm you during your period flow?

Unlikely but not impossible

How does two woman have a baby with each other?

Well, they need a guy in there somewhere. Pregnancy can't happen without sperm.

Does sperm give you diseases?

If they come from a guy already carrying the disease they do, but the only thing you can catch from someone who's healthy is pregnancy.

Does hugging a guy for a long time and very closely and tightly cause pregnancy?

No...if he does not put his penis in your Virgina and make sperm he will not be able to get you pregnant.

When a male is shooting blanks what does that mean?

Shooting blanks is a slang term to mean that when the guy ejaculates he doesn't have any sperm in the ejaculate. This situation could occur after a vasectomy. Where the guy can still ejaculate, and fluid still comes out, but there is no sperm in the fluid.

If a guy entered only 3 times can you get pregnant?

Yes ... and ... pregnancy could occur if it was only 1 time, too.

Does washing your vagina out after a guy withdraws in you lessen the chance of pregnancy?

No - sperm can swim up through into the uterus within a couple of minutes. If you want to avoid pregnancy just use reliable birth control.

If a guy pulled out and then cumedbut he precumed inside of hercan she get pregnant?

Yes pregnancy in such situation can occur as all of the seminal fluid contain sperms.

Can a guy get a women pregnant with pre-ejaculate?

Yes. Although the chances are lower it is possible. Pre-ejaculate still contains sperm. Use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you don't use a condom but don't even come close to finishing?

20%. even if the guy doesnt finish there is still a possibility that the pre-cum has sperm in it.

Is it hard to get a positive pregnancy test with a guy sperm if he smoke a lot?

What is he smoking? If they are cigarettes then no. I have had 4 boys all healthy and my husband smokes so no, cigarettes have no effect to my knowledge

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