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it isn't unheard of but it's uncommon to get a positive 7dpo because it takes 6-12 days for implantation and 2-3 days for hcg levels to rise. I myself is addicted to POAS and I am today at 7dpo and I've had some pregnacy symptoms but no sore bbs or actually being sick, just nausea, Back pain, pinching in the abdomen and lots of cramps plus creamy, yellowish CM ..I tested about 2 hours ago with two cheep internet POAS tests and one extremely faint positive and the rest negative, might of been my mind thinking its positive when it was not but then again it could be.. Moral of the story; it was too early to tell.. should take my own advice but it's HARD when TTC! lol it can happen though, good luck! X

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Q: Can you get a positive pregnancy test 7 dpo?
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What is score of blood pregnancy test for 7 week of pregnancy?

the hormone levels will differ from person to person but a positive test starts at 25 and is suppose to double every 48 hours of pregnancy

Can you have a positive pregnancy test 7 days after intercourse?

No, because even if the ovum has implanted it won't yet be producing sufficient hormone to give a positive test.

You'am 7 weeks pregnant What does it mean when you are bleeding but a pregnancy test sys positive?

if you have been smoking/drinking then this is a sign that it will be premature

Will a pregnancy test show that your pregnancy a week before your period?

No. That strip test becomes positive, usually After 7 days of menses and morning sample is to be used.(As urine is concentrated.) There are other tests witch can tell about pregnancy, a week before menses but are expensive.

How far gone are you if you are getting a positive pregnancy test now but didnt a week ago?

It depends on your period. Usually pregnancy tests pick up a pregnancy by 4-5 weeks. So if you didn't get a positive last week, you are probably between 4-7 weeks :)

You made a pregnancy home test after you missed your period and resulted positive after 7 days you had bleeding went to doctor and when he did the pregnancy test showed negative what does it mean?

It can mean an early miscarriage. Those things happen eventually, and quite alot.

What could it be if your period is very little when you normally have heavy periods Could it be pregnancy if so when should you take a pregnancy test?

Many women report a slight bleed when their period is due. It is not unheard of, but is rather uncommon. An "early" pregnancy test from the pharmacy should give you a positive result now (ie when your period is due). But most test need about 7 days more to give a positive result.

Can you experience implantation cramps at 10 dpo?

Yes, implantaion can take anywhere between 7-12 DPO.

What does a positive pregnancy result mean if you are 7 days delayed from your pewriod?

it means that you are pregnant. a home pregnancy test can even tell you your pregnent as soon as 5 days BEFORE your missed period.

7 days after unproctected sex can you take a pregnancy test?

no it takes two weeks for it to show on pregnancy test

If someone believes they are about 5-7 weeks pregnant shouldn't a home pregnancy test show positive at this point?

Home pregnancy tests can have poor accuracy. Also, they expire. Go to your doctor so that you can receive an accurate test and prenatal care if you are pregnant.

What can it mean if my pregnancy test was positive 7 days before my missed period Twins?

It could mean twins as they can cause a higher level of the HCG hormone that pregnancy tests detect. It could also mean it was a faulty test. You should wait a week to retest, or visit your doctor for a blood test.