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It depends on your period. Usually pregnancy tests pick up a pregnancy by 4-5 weeks. So if you didn't get a positive last week, you are probably between 4-7 weeks :)

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Q: How far gone are you if you are getting a positive pregnancy test now but didnt a week ago?
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Can a home pregnancy test show positive if you miscarried at a few weeks?

No your hcg levels should have gone back down

Heavy period pregnancy test came out positive can you still be pregnant?

The test will show positive until the pregnancy hormones have gone back to normal it can take a few weeks. You have to see a doctor if you suspect miscarriage. There can be remains that have to be removed.

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How long can pregnancy test show positive after a miscarriage?

it depends how high were your hcg levels, i was about 5 weeks when i miscarried nd my hcg were at 880 now after 1 week my hcg gone down to 100 so it all get a positive your hcg levels should be higher then 4

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Can you having a menstrual period through your pregnancy throw a home pregnancy test to be negative?

Hard telling really. I took 2 hpts before I started bleeding and they were positive. Then when I was bleeding I took 2 more and they were negative. Haven't gone to the doctor yet. So I'm not real sure if the blood interferes with the results or not. For a sure pregnancy test you should go to your doctor. .

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Does a woman's tummy get hard at three months of pregnancy?

My fiance is about 3 months pregnant, and we were wondering the same thing. So we brought the question to our OBGYN. He told us that this early in the pregnancy, the baby is behind your bladder, which is right above your pubic bone. We were looking in the wrong place. Perhaps you are too? When we felt there, it was the answer we were looking for :) this is my second pregnancy an my tummy is hard and round but this was not the case the first time i didnt show till about five months gone