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Unless someone with a Facebook account used your email address to set up their account, no, you cannot get Facebook notifications.

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Q: Can you get Facebook notifications on your email if you don't have a Facebook account?
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How can you make sure you dont lose access to your account?

If you forget your password, you will need to request a password reset. This password reset email will only go to email addresses or a mobile number that you have confirmed on your account. Therefore, if you are unable to access the email addresses or mobile number on your Facebook account, you will not be able to receive your password reset email and may lose access to your account completely. You can prevent this situation by taking the following steps: Add a secondary email address to your Facebook account. Add a security question to your Facebook account. Make sure email addresses on your Facebook account are active (you are able to access them). Confirm your mobile number on your account. Maintain accurate information on your profile, such as name, date of birth, and email addresses. This helps us locate your account, should you lose access to it.

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Suppose I dont have an facebook account

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If a website requires you to have a Facebook account, you will need an account. You can choose to keep your Facebook profile private.