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Hope that you will see her again, and the next time you do ask for her number and/ or her email(for MSN messanger, Yahoo, AOL etc.)

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Q: What do i do if the girl you like doesnt have a facebook and you dont have her number?
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How do you talk on it girl in facebook?

i think the owner of it girl is only trying to make people talk but the character in it girl doesnt even know. i think.. i dont know how to explain it..

If you send a message on Facebook to a girl and she doesnt respond is that a rejection?

go outside

Can you play it girl not on facebook?

nope i dont thinnk soo

How do you ask a girl that dont like yo?

ask them out and the only way you know that a girl doesnt like you is she doesnt smile at you or say hello

What if girl add his ex-boyfriend in Facebook?

Dont worry about it, seriously.

How do you talk to a girl you dont know from work on facebook?

Follow these simple steps =D Step 1: start of with something simple like "Hey" or "Hi" if she replies with "Do i know you???" there is a chance she is not interested, so just call it quits. If she replies with any "xxx" or Emotions you have passed step one. Step 2: Say "I thought I recognised you from your profile picture." then say something like "I don't normally ask if I know somebody but I never for get a smile. (: or a body like yours. ;D." be confident and cocky but don't over do it. This comes down to experience and practise. Step 3: If she replies with "aw thanks" or anything else like that your into step 4. Step 4: Then just ask her questions, just remember let it flow. I cannot stress this enough. Additional information: if the conversation drags or gets awkward make sure to end it with "sorry i need to go" or "I new i should off charged my phone earlier, sorry need to go." And remember if you fail it's fine, Because then you can get a better looking girl later on. =D Good Luck

How do you get a girl's number on Facebook without being creepy?

your not suppose to

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What should you do if the girl doesn't like you?

If a girl doesnt like you who cares there is other girls out there you know? I know finding out that the person you like doesnt have the same feelings as you sucks but dont sweat it k

You walked up to a girl you had a crush on in school and introduced yourself she then sat with you during lunch you added her on facebook should you ask out through facebook or get her number first?

I don't think you should ask her out on Facebook. Talk to her and get to know about her and hang around with her. When you think the time is right, get her number and you can ask her out on the phone or in person, possibly on Facebook. But if you dont know her already get to know her first! :) Hope this helps

I'm a 13 year old girl and I want to know if I should get piczomyspace or Facebook which one do you think I should get?

go with my space and facebook you dont have to have only one but facebook is better

Can a girl like you if she doesnt talk to you Facebook?

i would keep an eye out, it may mean shes hiding something, or hiding you if she doesnt talk to you and/or express her feelings towards you openly. talk to her about it!