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well it depends, if she was wanting to kiss you or not, why dont you ask her.

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Q: When a girl opens her mouth at you what does it means?
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Why terrapin keep opening its mouth?

Most of the time a terrapin opens its mouth to bask which means they are trying to heat up themselves.

What does this mean An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes?

An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes means that he isn't likely to hear reasoning. He will try to explain his perspective instead of listening.

Implied contract is when a?

patient sits in the chair and opens their mouth.

When you press your girl's breasts n smooch her deep sleeping on her and she hugs you tight and opens her mouth while kissing what does it mean?

It means you're kind of sick for putting such a graphic question on this site. And it also means that the girl either loves you like hell or she just wants you sexually.

What does the mouth of the cnidarian open into?

the mouth opens to the stomach

The mouth opens into the a uvula b soft palate c pharynx d larynx?

The mouth opens into the pharynx.

How does a frog get its food into its mouth?

It just opens its mouth and grabs the food.

How do women swallow?

The girl opens her mouth while u speem (or ejaculate) in their miuth and they are supposed to choke on it but don't ask me y I kno this

How do you tell if the hamster is about to bite?

it opens its mouth?..................................

Is it true that if your fish opens his or her mouth a lot it means their hurt?

Yes definitely, if its been happening for around a week they could be dying

What it means if a girl takes a lollipop from her mouth and puts it in your face?

she wants you to lick it

How do you know if your boyfriend is chaeting on you?