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Yes, you can fail 7th grade just like every other grade in school.

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Q: Can you fail seventh grade
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How can you past seventh grade if you failed?

Not fail.

What happen if you fail seventh grade fcat?

6th and 7th grade it does not matter if you fail they only look at your grade point average but 8th grade yeah

Can i fail seventh grade with three F's?

you need to work up in till school is over !!

What is the correct usage is it on seventh grade or in seventh grade?

The correct usage is in Seventh Grade but to use this properly, you must out it in quotes. In "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto,............

Will you fail the seventh grade if you dont pass one class?

No, you will move on to the 8th grade but you will have to retake that coarse how ever if you are failing to many coarse you will have to retake the class

What is the resolution of the story seventh grade by Gary Soto?

the resolution of the 7th grade is that Mr. Buller start to thinkthat when he was in colloge he was using lies to impress the girls to. for that he decided to no tell anybody that victor doesn't know anything about the french. after class told victor if he doesn't do anything maybe sometimes victor help Teresa with her french class. victor notice that he is gonna love this year.

Do you have to pass the seventh grade math TAKS?

NO you do not have to pass the 7th grade task. but you need to pass all of your classes in order to move on. at the end of the year your grades will be averaged and if you fail TWO you will go to summer school and retake the task and if you fail it that time you will repeat the 7th grade.

How many F's do you have to have to fail the seventh grade?

You pass no matter how many you get that doesn't mean you don't try to get higher than a F.

Why arent seventh-grade boys interested in romance?

because their in seventh grade...

What is the average grade of a seventh grader?

do you mean the average height, weight, age or what because usually the average grade of a seventh grader is seventh grade. what are you talking about

Is there a state where you do algebra in seventh grade?

I have a cousin in Illinois who is studying algebra in seventh grade

How can seventh grade boy dance with a seventh grade girl?

take dance lessons

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