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No because i gotten an F in English and i got promoted to the 8th grade..... just next year make sure you try harder to pass :)

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Q: Can you fail one class in 7th grade and still be promoted?
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What happens if you fail the eoct?

The EOCT only counts as 15% of your grade, so technically you can fail the EOCT and still pass a course. If you have a pretty good course average and you fail the EOCT, then you should still pass the class.

If you fail 9th grade algebra do you fail school?

No, you will probably just have to retake that class.

Do you need to pass social studies in fourth grade?

if you fail the social studies CRCT teat in 4th grade they will look a the grade that you have in science or social studies and if you have an A in that class you'll still get to go to the next grade but f you don't have a good grade in that class you still might get to go to the next grade if the principal decides that you need to stay back in that grade or if you can go to the next grade. i hope this has helped.

What happens if you fail the Geometry Honors EOC test?

what happens is that it counts as 30% of your grade and it will bring your grade down majorly. If you have an A in the class and bomb the EOC your grade might go down to a C, if lower than an A you might fail the class

What Happens If you Fail a 7th grade placement test by a small amount but still have a B plus in the class do you get held back and retake the class?

You might get held back and retake the class. Depends on what school you go to.

Do you still get credit if you fail an AP class?


Will you fail the seventh grade if you dont pass one class?

No, you will move on to the 8th grade but you will have to retake that coarse how ever if you are failing to many coarse you will have to retake the class

Can I fail My Fifth grade class if i fail my ela and my math class?

yes those are the two most important classes in the usa.

If you fail a grade in middle school can you still play sports?

yes. as long as whoever u want to play for does not require you to never fail a grade.

How many f's do you need to fail 5th grade?

Can You fail 5th grade and get held back? it is impossible to get held at 5th grade the school would probably still let you pass

Can you still play a sport if you fail a grade?

Yes you can if you have a college degree

What happens if you fail the NJ ask?

If you fail, then you might end up repeating the same grade or for next year you will get 2 extra english class