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It depends on which school you go to but two F's to fail is the normal rate!


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Q: How many F's do you need to fail 7th grade?
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Can you pass 7Th grade if you fail an elective?

No, you will move on to the 8th grade but you will have to retake that coarse how ever if you are failing to many coarse you will have to retake the class

Do you have to pass the seventh grade math TAKS?

NO you do not have to pass the 7th grade task. but you need to pass all of your classes in order to move on. at the end of the year your grades will be averaged and if you fail TWO you will go to summer school and retake the task and if you fail it that time you will repeat the 7th grade.

if I fail 2/3 classes in 6th grade but pass the statewide test will I move on to 7th?

Probably not

Will gym be a big grade in middle school?

In my school you got A-E's in it but in 7th grade, at my school, you could do sports and if you didn't do well in gym (below C average) you could not do school sports. I believe you can fail the grade and not get your report card if you fail gym. It depends on your school.

Do you need to pass the task test 6th grade to go to 7th grade?

obviously..... yes

What is the average you need to get into 7th grade accelerated math?

That depends on your school.

What grade is more annoying 6th or 7th grade?

7th grade

You are in the 7th grade if you get a f for the first semester grade and a d for the second semester grade do you have to attend summer school to pass?

it depends on what school your in but in my school if you fail 1 grade for the whole school year your fine. fail 2 classes for the school year summer school 3 then you repeat so you should be fine and also D's are passing in my school

Can you fail one class in 7th grade and still be promoted?

No because i gotten an F in English and i got promoted to the 8th grade..... just next year make sure you try harder to pass :)

Can you pass 6 grade if you only pass the state test but all the subject you fail?

no you can't,trust me i been though the same thing im in 7th grade if you pass all your subjects but fail one you go to summer school wich i did but if you fail two subjects you get left back if you pass your state exams or finals it counts as your grade for the third trimester im sorry but no if you fail all subjects but pass exams the chances are getting left back or going to summer school.

What is the texture of the human stomach?

Need to know answer for 7th grade science project.

Who is the antagonist in 7th grade by Gary Soto?

The antagonist is zoe