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yes, buy or rent them from the iTunes store.

Answer:well, that doesnt answer the question. i think they meant like can you take your dvds and put them on itunes. but no you cant do that because itunes wants you to buy or rent their movies, that's just how they want to make money obviously! it sucks but whatever... if you really want a movie you have to buy it or rent it.
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Q: Can you download full movies onto your ipod from iTunes?
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How do you get movies on your iPod?

download them from itunes

How do you download movies to iPod Touch?

you can download it off itunes or if it is single mp4 file then you can drag it to itunes and it will be in the movies area

How do i get movies for my ipod touch?

You can download them off itunes.

How do you download movies on a iPod Touch?

go on itunes

Can you download movies onto your iPod or do you have to buy them on iTunes?

I believe you can download them.

How do you download movies on your iPod Touch?

download them into your computer, convert them to mp4 if necessary and transfer them to your ipod using itunes.

How do you download movies on an iPod touch?

itunes. With an ipod touch you can even access itunes without the use of a computer gregory

How do you take songs or movies of your 4GB ipod?

download it form itunes?

How do you stick movies on your iPod if purchased them on a different PC?

If you downloaded the movie using iTunes, you can do this two ways: 1) Download iTunes on your computer, search for the movie, download it using iTunes (it will be free since you already purchased it), and sync it to your iPod. 2) Go to the other computer and download it to your iPod using iTunes by going to "Movies" and dragging the movie to your iPod under "Devices" (when it is plugged in)

How do you download music and movies to ipod touch?

youu d0 it from itunes or limewire

How do you send videos to Sony iPod?

Sony doesn't make the ipod but if you want to load movies onto your ipod you need to download Itunes and make sure the ipod you have is compatible with video formating, not all ipods can have movies on them. For itunes go to

Where can you download linkinpark-numb?

if you have a iPOD you can download it on itunes if you have a iPOD you can download it on itunes