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buy the movie then plug in your iPod go to tabs then summary and install it

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Q: How do you download movies onto an ipod touch?
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Can you put movies in your computer and download them onto your iPod touch?

Yes, how do you do it, I'm not sure.

Where do movies go on your iPod touch?

After you download them off the apple store onto your iPod, there should be an app named "videos" that's where movies and tv shoes go.

How do you download moives onto an iPod for free?

You cannot download movies onto an iPod for free. It is illegal to download movies for free, and WikiAnswers will not aid in criminal activity.

Can you download a movie onto your ipod touch from the itunes app on your ipod touch?


How do you download photos to iPod touch when using a PC?

download itunes onto that PC and upload the photos onto itunes and then you can download the photos onto your iPod.

Can you download movies onto your iPod or do you have to buy them on iTunes?

I believe you can download them.

How do you get a video from your camera onto your ipod touch?

Put your video into iTunes, then put it onto your iPod Touch. If it won't work, download HandBrake.

Can you download ray William Johnson onto your iPod touch?


Can you download iphone apps onto an ipod touch?


How do you pay for your songs on the iPod touch?

You buy the songs on itunes and download them onto your ipod.

How To Downgrade your iPod Touch?

You first have to download a torrent of the version of firmware you want, and then you can install it onto your iPod touch

Can you download a language CD onto an iPod and learn it from the iPod?

yes only on the ipod touch or iphone