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It's not a good idea. The cannabinoids will get into the baby's body, which is probably not a good thing. Although cannabinoids can give some health benefits to adults, babies would be extremely vulnerable to disruptions in development (especially neurological) due to the marijuana.

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Q: Can you breastfeed while smoking marijuana?
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How long do you have to wait to breastfeed after smoking weed?

You should not be smoking marijuana and breastfeeding. While there is no solid evidence that marijuana usage can effect breast milk, it is best to avoid it entirely.

How long do you have wait after smoking marijuana to breastfeed?

:O dude, it stays in the system for MONTHS! (dw, im not judging)

Does smoking marijuana once in a while damage lungs?


Can you choke on vomit while smoking marijuana?

If you want, sure.

Why does one chose to smoke marijuana daily?

One chooses to smoke marijuana daily out of habit. While most people state that it is an addiction, in reality it is habit. Smoking cigarettes is an addiction, while smoking marijuana is a habit.

Is there any harm in smoking Marijuana while taking lexapro and seroquel?


Can you burn fat while smoking marijuana?

yep like if you running whilst smoking you burn fat

Is it bad to breastfeed while smoking crystal meth?

The drugs would harm the baby. You could be arrested for child endangerment.

What are the effects of smoking marijuana while on pristiq?

Don't do it See related links

How long after smoking can you breastfeed?

Wouldnt it be better to smoke after you breast feed and just limit the amount of smokes while breast feeding

How long does it take for a woman fertility to return after smoking marijuana?

Women don't become sterile from smoking marijuana, it's just unadvised to smoke WHILE already pregnant

Can smoking marijuana be bad for your teeth?

Just like smoking a cigarette, smoking marijuana can be bad for your teeth.

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