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Yes you can be pregnant, the P.T will confirm it for you.

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Q: Can you be pregnant without having sore or tender breasts?
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Does premenstrual breast tenderness can lead to pregnancy?

Having tender brests doesn't get you pregnant. Having sex is what gets you pregnant. Tender breasts can be a sign of pregnancy, but not one that can be trusted. If you suspect something, get tested for real.

I don't have tender breasts can I still be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant your breasts are NOT tender or sore?

You may not be pregnant , have a urine test.

How will I know if i am pregnant without a test?

You can tell you're pregnant by: Tender breasts Missed period Nausea Cramps Fatigue Cravings Headaches/Backaches

For a little over a week now you have been having headaches and your breasts are very tender What is wrong with you?

Most likely you're pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant and not have tender or swollen breasts?

Yes it is quiet possible .

How do you relieve tender breasts and nipples not pregnant?

Massage them this relieves the tenderness temporarily

When do your breasts start to get tender when your pregnant?

Your breasts will start to get sore a couple of days after conception, its a very early sign of pregnancy.

Can your breasts get bigger when you are pregnant?

Absolutely, this is one of the first signs, they get bigger and more tender.

Can breast tenderness be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. When you are pregnant, your breasts tend to be sore or tender.

Could you be pregnant if your breasts are sore 2 weeks before your period is due?

you can always be pregnant,if you are fertile and having sex. your breasts may be tender due to water retention, cysts or an unfitted bra. if the symptoms continue, and concern you PLEASE see your doctor.

What do tender mean?

You may be pregnant, your boobs may be growing.. My breasts hurt after sex sometimes

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