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It will depend if your stomach is hard and you feel all the signs butyou may have a false pregnancy test also

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2012-04-04 04:19:39
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Q: Can you be pregnant and take a pregnancy test and it say no?
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Can a pregnancy test say your not pregnant when you actually are?

Only if the test fail and some do. Better to take the test at the doctor if you are unsure.

What if all your pregnancy test say positive?

Then you are probably pregnant.

You are 10 days late for your period and have taken a home pregnancy test Could you be pregnant?

Well what did the pregnancy test say?

If a pregnancy test say positive dose it mean im pregnant?

You have to urine on the pregnancy test in the morning, but chances are, if its positive its yes...

Why could a home pregnancy test say no?

coz ur not pregnant maybe??

What would the pregnancy test say if you are pregnant and your tubes are tired?

False positive

Can a low sprem count make a home pregnancy test say negative?

Sperm has nothing to do with a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is done by a woman to find out if she is pregnant or not. She pees on it and it detects the pregnancy hormone.

Can you take a pregnancy test one day and it say not pregnant then two days later take one then be pregnant?

Yes. It depends on when you do it. If you did it too soon the results are not accurate. You should wait to see if you miss a period and then redo the test.

Its been real hard for you to get pregnant but for the last weeks now you been feeling really strang could you be pregnant?

I say you should take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor but it is possible you are.

Is it ok to take a pregnancy test at 3Am?

go for it. you can take a pregnancy test whenever you want. the only thing is that when its early early on, you have more of the hcg pregnancy hormone in the morning after you've slept awhile. that's why they say its best to take the test then for more accuracy. i personally took my first 2 preg tests at 9 and 10 pm and found out i was pregnant.

Why does my pregnancy test still say I'm 2 weeks pregnant?

Either you are two weeks pregnant, or the hormones of a normal pregnancy stopped dividing - usually indicating the pregnancy has been miscarried.

You avw sex 10 days ago and the condom burstho long does it take for you to ave a pregnancy test done?

You can take a pregnancy test 3 days before you are due on your next period if you buy an early pregnancy test. If you take a pregnancy test any earlier than 3 days before your due period there won't be enough hormone in your urine to show you are pregnant so it could say no when u are. Hope this helps

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