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not technically, but she can still experience vaginal bleeding

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2011-02-07 17:22:52
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Q: Can women have periods when she is pregnant?
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When does a women show signs of being pregnant?

A woman shows signs of being pregnant when she first misses her periods or when the periods are delayed.

How did women in history discover they were first pregnant?

They missed their periods.

If a women doesn't get her periods at all can she get pregnancy?

If she never has periods and never ovulates, then no, she cannot get pregnant.

Do women on birth control miss their periods if pregnant?

If a women is pregnant than she will miss all of her periods, until she gives birth. then she will have a period every 28 days like normal

Is women get pregnant when she is having periods?

No. Women can not get pregnant while they have their periods because here is no egg cell to be fertilised by a sperm cell. The egg cell is getting through the linning of the uterus.

If we get our periods then does it mean that we are not pregnant?

Usually but not necessarily. Some women can have one or two periods after they become pregnant but it is somewhat rare. The best way to see if you are pregnant is to get a test.

Can a women have a period when she's pregnant?

its possible but not commonNot normally It is possible to have periods while pregnant.

Can we get pregnant when not having periods?

Depends. Why aren't you having periods? A period is not necessary for pregnancy. Some women are "constantly" pregnant; that is they get pregnant after each birth before they have a period. (Each period is the result of not getting pregnant.)

Are your breasts sore when pregnant?

Some women say they are sore, other women experience soreness with periods.

How can a women get pregnant if she irregular perid?

A woman can still ovulate and have irregular periods.

Will women have periods during a tubular pregnancy?

Not normally ... her body thinks its pregnant.

If a women is not having her periods does it mean she is pregnant?

no sometimes your body just likes a break

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