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Yes, and surprisingly enough, the more food and the more healthy food you eat on the days leading up to your period, the less heavy it will be. Women with anemia and deficiencies are known to have heavy periods. A good idea if you want a lighter period to take in a lot of calcium, magnesium, and iron in the week before your period.

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2011-05-21 14:50:15
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Q: Can what you eat affect how heavy your menstrual cycle is?
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What stops a menstrual cycle?

Nothing can stop a menstrual cycle it is part of human nature. there is way to stop it from such a heavy flow. if you exercise and eat right, you will not flow so hard.

Can you eat watermelon on a menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to the reproductive cycle, all healthy fertile females will be in their menstrual cycle at all times, if you couldn't eat watermelon on a menstrual cycle women wouldn't eat watermelon. Of course women can eat watermelon whenever they want, no reason not to.

Can you eat eggs when on your menstrual cycle?

Yes, of course you can eat eggs on your menstrual cycle.The menstrual cycle is the whole of the reproductive cycle, a fertile woman is always 'on' her menstrual cycle - I think you mean menstruating or on your period. There's no reason not to eat eggs at any point in your menstrual cycle, and nothing you can't do during menstruation.

Do chocoloates delay menstrual period?

No chocolates do not delay your menstrual period or have any impact on your menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle is controlled by hormonal changes, not by what you eat.

Can you start your period if you eat cinnamon?

No, when you start your period is determined by your menstrual cycle - cinnamon does not and cannot effect your menstrual cycle. Your period comes when it is due.

How do you speed up menstrual cycle?

Exercise and eat fruits and vegetables.

Can a menstrual cycle cause you to be hungry?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle of a woman, while she is of reproductive age and not suppressing her cycles with hormonal birth control, she is always experiencing her menstrual cycles. Hunger is a basic human need, it lets you know when to eat, you will always be hungry throughout your entire menstrual cycle - this is called being human.

Does eating a sour cause a delay of your menstruation?

No, nothing you eat can effect your menstrual cycle.

Can eating soy food give you a period?

No - your menstrual cycle is governed by the hormones in your body - not the food you eat !

What foods should you eat during your period?

There are no foods that you 'should' eat during your period. You can eat anything that you would normally any other time of your menstrual cycle.

Should not eating meat stop menstrual cycle?

the ONLY way that diet can effect your period is if you hardly eat( anerexic,bulimic) or if your really heavy( obese). The only other things that can stop it are pregnancy, surgery( google it), mtapause( your old) or you have some diesease.

What foods to eat when you are on your period?

there are no special magical foods that you eat during menstruation. You continue to eat exactly what you would eat at any other time of your menstrual cycle, no reason to eat anything special during menstruation.

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