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Yes, of course you can eat eggs on your menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle is the whole of the reproductive cycle, a fertile woman is always 'on' her menstrual cycle - I think you mean menstruating or on your period. There's no reason not to eat eggs at any point in your menstrual cycle, and nothing you can't do during menstruation.

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2015-03-06 18:57:40
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Q: Can you eat eggs when on your menstrual cycle?
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Can you still produce eggs if you have not had a menstrual cycle?

No you only produce eggs during your menstrual cycle

Can you eat watermelon on a menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to the reproductive cycle, all healthy fertile females will be in their menstrual cycle at all times, if you couldn't eat watermelon on a menstrual cycle women wouldn't eat watermelon. Of course women can eat watermelon whenever they want, no reason not to.

Do chocoloates delay menstrual period?

No chocolates do not delay your menstrual period or have any impact on your menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle is controlled by hormonal changes, not by what you eat.

What are the the distinct stages of menstrual cycle?

The phases of the menstrual cycle include:Menstrual phase: when uterus lining sheds.Follicular phase: when eggs begin to mature in the ovary.Ovulation phase: when eggs are released from the ovary.Luteal phase: when the uterus lining plumps up.

What is the role of estrogen in the menstrual cycle?

Estrogen stops the release of eggs.

How often do human female make eggs?

every 28 at the beginning of their menstrual cycle

What is menapuse?

The time when the human female stops producing eggs. The menstrual cycle stops.

Can you start your period if you eat cinnamon?

No, when you start your period is determined by your menstrual cycle - cinnamon does not and cannot effect your menstrual cycle. Your period comes when it is due.

What are the phases oft the menstrual cycle?

The phases of the menstrual cycle in human beings are as follows:Menstrual phase: uterine lining shedding.Follicular phase: eggs mature in ovary.Ovulation phase: eggs released from ovary.Luteal phase: uterine lining builds-up.

How do you speed up menstrual cycle?

Exercise and eat fruits and vegetables.

How do you know when a woman is on her menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, as long as she is fertile she is always on her menstrual cycle. You can't tell where she is in her menstrual cycle unless she tells you.

How many eggs does a woman normally release every menstrual cycle?

Normally, a woman normally releases ONE egg per menstrual cycle. On occasion, a woman will release two, which would result in fraternal twins if both eggs are fertilized.

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