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Normally, a woman normally releases ONE egg per menstrual cycle. On occasion, a woman will release two, which would result in fraternal twins if both eggs are fertilized.

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Q: How many eggs does a woman normally release every menstrual cycle?
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Is it normal to have a light period when your period is normally heavy?

Yes, most certainly, not every cycle is going to be exact everytime. It could possibly mean that your body didn't have as much to flush out as normally or it very well could mean that you are pregnant and your body hasn't ajusted to the change yet

Why don't boys get periods?

Because boys can't have babies ! A girls period (or menstrual cycle) is her body's process of preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. If the egg released from the ovary isn't fertilised, it's 'washed away' along with the lining of the uterus, roughly every four weeks.

Why does your period stop after a day and start again?

As every woman's body and menstrual cycle is different, there is no straightforward answer to this question. In most cases, if your period is stopping and then starting again in the middle of a period, then this is likely to be associated with factors such as stress or a hormonal imbalance so it is totally normal it happens to me all the time.

Is it normal to have a period every 35 days?

Depends on your personal cycle, but for the most part the average cycle is 28 day, but like I said, it depends on your personal cycle

How do you get rid of menstrual odor?

Menstrual odour is most commonly due to the types of products that you use to manage menstrual flow - tampons are internal so prevent blood hitting the air to cause odour during use but they are bad for vaginal hygiene so can cause odour when you switch to pads, and commercial pads cause sweating as well as contain chemicals that cause bad odour in contact with bodily fluids.It's best to use hygienic menstrual products such as menstrual cups, softcups, or cloth menstrual pads over tampons or commercial pads and change often - pads have to be changed at least every 4-6 hours, but menstrual cups and softcups can be worn safely for up to 12 hours.Make sure to shower regularly and to 'freshen up' during the day use a little bottle or water or toilet paper moistened with water when you use the bathroom - DO NOT use vaginal wipes, baby wipes, or hand wipes on your vulva as this will cause bad odour as it will change vaginal pH and flora.

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Is it normal to have a 27 day menstrual cycle when it is normally a 28 day or 30 day cycle?

Oh God! A 30 day cycle? it's only supposed to last a week every month.

Will the menstrual cycle day remain the same every month?


How does stress effect your menstrual cycle?

In every way in the book!

When does a woman have her menstrual flow?

A woman has her menstrual flow during menstruation, which is at the start of her menstrual cycle. The typical menstrual cycle is around 28 days, meaning she should menstruate roughly every month.

What do girl gymnists do about the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle, I think that you mean menstruation/period. Gymnasts do the same as every other girl, just use a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup.

How often is a women menstrual cycle?

The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days, thus a new cycle will start every 28 days. Everyone is different so will have a different menstrual cycle length, also some variation from one cycle to the next is normal.

Did lesbians get periods every month?

Orientation has nothing to do with menstrual cycle.

Does a woman get her menstrual cycle every 28 days?

once a month

Can you drink green tea while your on your menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle is the term used to describe the reproductive cycle, every phase from ovulation to menstruation and back again, women are always experiencing their menstrual cycle - I think you are asking about drinking green tea while you are menstruating (a particular phase in your menstrual cycle). Yes, this is fine.

Can puppies have a menstrual cycle?

Only females over 6 months of age will have a menstrual cycle. This will happen once every six months and last for 10-14 days.

Why a women period is coming before 5 days every- time?

Each woman's menstrual cycle is of a different duration - it is a complex balance of hormones and ovulation. The average woman's menstrual cycle is of 28 days. If your periods come 5 days earlier every time, your menstrual cycle is 25 days long.

How long is a dog's menstrual cycle?

About a 3 week period every six months.

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