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Normally, a woman normally releases ONE egg per menstrual cycle. On occasion, a woman will release two, which would result in fraternal twins if both eggs are fertilized.

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Q: How many eggs does a woman normally release every menstrual cycle?
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Is it normal to have a 27 day menstrual cycle when it is normally a 28 day or 30 day cycle?

Oh God! A 30 day cycle? it's only supposed to last a week every month.

When does a woman have her menstrual flow?

A woman has her menstrual flow during menstruation, which is at the start of her menstrual cycle. The typical menstrual cycle is around 28 days, meaning she should menstruate roughly every month.

What do girl gymnists do about the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle, I think that you mean menstruation/period. Gymnasts do the same as every other girl, just use a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup.

Will the menstrual cycle day remain the same every month?


How does stress effect your menstrual cycle?

In every way in the book!

How often is a women menstrual cycle?

The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days, thus a new cycle will start every 28 days. Everyone is different so will have a different menstrual cycle length, also some variation from one cycle to the next is normal.

Did lesbians get periods every month?

Orientation has nothing to do with menstrual cycle.

Why a women period is coming before 5 days every- time?

Each woman's menstrual cycle is of a different duration - it is a complex balance of hormones and ovulation. The average woman's menstrual cycle is of 28 days. If your periods come 5 days earlier every time, your menstrual cycle is 25 days long.

Can puppies have a menstrual cycle?

Only females over 6 months of age will have a menstrual cycle. This will happen once every six months and last for 10-14 days.

Why would menstrual cycle of five days go down to three?

Your menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle including ovulation and menstruation - I think you mean menstruation of five days, not menstrual cycle. Menstruation will vary from one cycle to the next, the explanation is no more complex then that your body is not a machine so it will never have the exact same cycle every single time.

Is there any probleme is menstrual cycle come soon?

I think every game playing by the hormones.How does happen Menstrual cycle?A. If hormones in the body reach at particular level then menstrual cycle come. And if hormones is not reach at particular then it take so long time. e.g. more then 28 days.That why Menstrual cycle come soon is not problem. it means hormones level good in your body.

Does the menstrual cycle happen every month?

Yes, roughly every 28 days menstruation will occur. Not everyones cycle is 28 days and there can be a few days variation from one cycle to the next.