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There are no foods that you 'should' eat during your period. You can eat anything that you would normally any other time of your menstrual cycle.

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Q: What foods should you eat during your period?
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What foods should you not eat when on your period?

There are no foods that you shouldn't eat during your period, you can eat whatever you would eat normally. Unless you notice specific problems with certain foods then there's no reason to limit what you eat.

What foods should I be eating during pregnancy?

There are several foods you should eat during pregnancy. You should eat green vegetables and drink juice.

What foods should a girl eat during her period?

A girl having her period should eat normally and should concentrate on healthy foods. Don't go overboard with sweets and junk food because those produce sugar highs and lows which your body does not need at this time.

What foods to eat when you are on your period?

there are no special magical foods that you eat during menstruation. You continue to eat exactly what you would eat at any other time of your menstrual cycle, no reason to eat anything special during menstruation.

What can you eat on your period?

You can eat whatever you like during your period. Somewomen find certain foods add to probems like menstrual cramps or bloating, for example salty foods or carb-heavy foods, but if they don't cause problems for you then it's fine to eat them or anything else you like during your periods.

What should you eat during your period?

Whatever you want!

Cannot eat what when having period?

You should avoid caffeine, dairy, and processed foods while having your period.

What foods can you eat during passover?

Anything unleavened. Foods should be purchased with a label indicating that they've had Rabbinic supervision.

Why does it hurt to eat during your period?

Normally, it should not hurt to eat when you're on your period. You should probably visit your doctor and see what they have to say because this isn't normal.

What should I eat during an acid reflux diet?

You should avoid spicy foods during an acid reflux diet. The best plan for avoiding acid reflux is to eat a diet of all natural foods like vegetables and fruits.

What can't you eat when your period is on?

There are no foods that you cannot eat. You may eat as you normally do

What things should you not eat during your period?

I try to stay away from like very heavy foods.... Like spaghetti or eat more Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches..... Hope I helped!!! <3 Sodus<3

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