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Q: Can they numb your belly button before you get it pierced?
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How can you numb you belly button?


If you ask will they numb your belly button for you so that you don't feel anything?

Yes, there is a spray that will freeze your belly-button before getting it won't feel a thing! :)

When you num your cartilidge does it still hurt when you get it pierced?

The piercer won't numb your cartilage before piercing it.

Do they numb your ear when you get your cartilage pierced?


What can you use to numb your tongue before getting it pierced?

im pretty sure that a doctor will have lots of different tools to numb your tounge. So ask a doctor

Do they numb your nose before piercing it?

Some piercing shops do, the reason i know this is because i went with my cousin to get her nose pierced, she is 16, and she told them she was really afraid of pain, but she really wanted it done, so they offered to numb it... and she got it pierced no problem, but not all of them do it.

How do they numb your belly button before piercing?

They don't. Navel piercings tend to be pretty low on the pain scale though. The soreness that comes with healing will most likely be more bothersome than the actual piercing.

Do the piercing place numb the spot you want to get pierced at?


Is the tip of your nose supposed to be numb after getting it pierced?


Can a side labret cause lip numbness?

For a short time after it's pierced, it might feel numb or tingly. It's not normal if you've had it pierced for quite awhile and it's still numb.

How do you freeze your skin to pierce it?

Its actualky kinda easy all u do is take a piece of ice anf rub it all around the area your piercing and for example if your peircing your belly button u need to numb the inside and outside of your belly button all over very well.

Do alcohol prep pads numb?

No, alcohol prep pads that don't say numbing, do not numb when getting pierced or tattooed. You can request to be numbed before a piercing or tattoo with numbing cream, or numbing alcohol prep pads.