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o it will not help in making the pregnancy test negative in anyway.

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Q: Can taking daily laxatives make a pregnancy test result negative?
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Effects of taking laxatives in early pregnancy?

Not a good idea

Can laxatives stop your period?

No, taking laxatives will not stop your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle, taking laxitives has no effect on your cycle at all.

Does the mini pill cause false negative pregnancy result?

No. Taking the test too soon causes false negative.

Can a positive home pregnancy test result be incorrect?

If you are not taking hormone supplements then you are pregnant. You can get a false negative, you cannot get a false positives.

Is it bad to take laxative ding the first trimester?

Taking laxatives is not recommended at any point during pregnancy.

If you take a pregnancy test a week after intercourse and it is negative can it be wrong?

If you are taking a home test, you will need to wait until the hormone known as hCG has had a chance to accumulate in your body. This will then be picked up by the test that you are taking and give you a positive or negative result. Usually, it takes about two weeks for the hormone to be present in your body. After this point, you should be able to get a 100% correct result from a pregnancy test.

How do laxatives cause weight loss?

Laxatives do not cause constipation, they are used to relieve constipation. There are different classes of laxatives - bulk laxatives, cathartics, stool softeners, etc. - and they each have a different mechanism of action.

How do you differentiate pregnancy nausea from actually being sick or can't you?

You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant.

Will laxatives still make you defecate if you're not constipated?

Yes, taking laxatives will make you defecate even if you are not constipated.

Does not taking a pregnancy test in the morning affect the outcome?

No it doesn't effect the outcome of the result.

If you think you're pregnant should you stop taking the birth control pill?

Well if you have taken a home-pregnancy test and it is positive then yes, you should stop. But you should not take the pregnancy test until at least the day of your expected period or 14 days after intercourse other wise your results will not likely be accurate. If you do get a positive pregnancy test then go ahead and stop taking your birth control and make an appointment with an OB/GYN. If the test is negative, continue taking your birth control pills until you do get a positive pregnancy test. If you stop taking it before you get the test results and it is negative, your chances of pregnancy are heightened greatly. But if you continue taking it until you get a positive test result, you will not have had enough to cause any harm to the baby.

Can Cymbalta cause a false negative pregnancy test?

I am currently researching on this too. I am also taking Cymbalta and am at least a week late for my period - the pregnancy test were all negative. I am usually always on time.