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If you are not taking hormone supplements then you are pregnant. You can get a false negative, you cannot get a false positives.

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2009-07-27 15:15:33
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Q: Can a positive home pregnancy test result be incorrect?
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What is a false positive result?

A false positive result on a pregnancy test means that while the test may have said that you are pregnant, you really aren't. False positives are usually caused by old/faulty tests, incorrect reading or use of the test, or by an under lying health condition. However, home pregnancy tests are more likely to give you a false negative than a false positive.

What is the quickest way to find out if you are pregnant?

Get a home pregnancy test kit. its pretty accurate for a positive result.

Can you get a positive result on a home pregnancy test after 15 days?

You can but it's better to test 2weeks or more after your 1st period any sooner could result in a false negative or positive.

Use home pregnancy test and the result are positive but the blood test result is negative am i pregnant?

i would try another home test to be sure. the hormones that are used to identify pregnancy can be found sooner in the blood than in the urine.

How common is it to have pregnancy symptoms before a positive test result like mild back and tummy cramps?

Yes, it is possible to have pregnancy symptoms before a positive HOME test. Even through home pregnancy test are better now than years ago, they are not fool proof. The best way to get a true result is to go to the doctor.

How can one know she has false positive result in a three weeks pregnancy?

Go see your dr. They can run more accurate tests than a home pregnancy test.

Positive home pregnancy test?

You are pregnant

Should you take another test after getting a positive result for pregnancy?

Usually your health care professional will want to test you for pregnancy in the first visit, even if you have taken the Home Test and she or he has visually observed the changes of early pregnancy. It really is not necessary to use the test more than once, after seeing a positive result.

What is the meaning of Big Fat Positive?

Big Fat Positive generally means the confirmation that someone is pregnant. It is thought to refer to getting a positive pregnancy test result either at home or at the doctor's surgery.

Can positive pregnancy tests means something other then pregnancy?

Yes, home pregnancy tests can produce both false positives and false negatives. If a home pregnancy test is positive, you should see a gynecologist to have the pregnancy confirmed as soon as you can.

Will an ectopic pregnancy give a positive on a prgnancy test?

Yes, It can. I tested positive on a home pregnancy test at 26 CD.

What does a positive pregnancy result mean if you are 7 days delayed from your pewriod?

it means that you are pregnant. a home pregnancy test can even tell you your pregnent as soon as 5 days BEFORE your missed period.

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