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How long does it take to get k2 spice out of your system

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Q: Can swallowing semen from a pot smoker put THC in your system?
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Can swallowing semen from a marijuana user cause you to test positive?

It doesn't. The THC(tetrahydrocannibol) is contained in the body fat, so swallowing the semen of a marijuana user has no effect on the person who doesn't use marijuana.

How do you get THC out of your system if you are a infrequent smoker?

By not smoking for 30 days.

How long does THC stay in your system if you are a occasionel smoker?

Up to 30 days.

Can THC get into your system by kissing a pot smoker?

No, the only way you can get that stuff in your system is inhaling it or drinking/eating it, or snorting it, there is no way that can happen.

How long after smoking pot will you be clean?

If you are a heavy pot smoker it will take about 28 days for the THC to be cleaned from your system.

Does kush stay in your system longer then regular weed?

No thc passes through the body at the same rate smoke once can be outta your system in 7 days occasional smoker 30 days an often smoker can take 90

How long does weed stay in your system if you weigh 125 and are an occassional smoker?

no matter what the weight is or how often the THC is their for at least 28 days!

How long will THC stay in your system for an occasional smoker?

Not less than 3 weeks. It can be seen on drugs tests (urine or blood).

Can you test positive for THC from kissing a pot smoker?


How does a chronic smoker pass a drug test in twenty four hours?

there is nothing you can do to remove THC from your system in 24 hours. too bad

What can you drink to get marijuana out of your system in 3 weeks?

Nothing. THC is fatsoluble, it's stored in your fat and can't be "flushed out", per sé. However, unless you are a heavy smoker, three weeks should be time enough for the THC to leave your system by itself.

For a regular smoker how long do THC stay in blood and uraine?

Well The THC In Pot, Weed, Whatever You Wanna Call It Usually Stays In The Bloodstream For About 30 Days If You Drink Lots Of Water It Will Flush The THC Out Of Your System Faster But It Will Still Stay There For Almost A Month

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Can swallowing semen from a marijuana user cause you to test positive?

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