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If you are a heavy pot smoker it will take about 28 days for the THC to be cleaned from your system.

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Q: How long after smoking pot will you be clean?
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You weigh 120 pounds you quit smoking pot a week ago how long will it take you to get clean?

in most people it takes about a week to get clean. it takes me around 4 days. i am a skinny though... :)

How long would it take for beer to clean pot out of your system?

Beer does not clean pot out of your system

Im pregnant how can you clean your system of marijuana and im 9 months?

Quit smoking pot!!

You stop smoking pot 36 days ago am im clean to past a test you only been riding in a car with a person that smokes pot am im clean yes or no?

stay clean. u should be fine

How long does an arrest for smoking pot stay on your record in Mississippi?

a long time ovr ten years

How long does it take for someone to have a clean urine after smoking pot just once six weeks ago?

You should be clear by now. It takes my body to clear out a small joint in one week.

How long does pot stay in your system from one day of smoking?

3 to 90 days after smoking or being ingested orally.

If you are 18 years old 280 lbs how long do you stay high after smoking pot?

u have more than pot to worry about....

How long do you have to be in a room with a person smoking pot and you are not to fail a drug test?

You would have to really be around pot smoke for a long timeand actually inhale it to fail a test.

When was wheat introduce to the US?

as soon as we started smoking pot as soon as we started smoking pot

What is considered heavy pot smoking?

smoking veryday and smoking by your self