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Q: Can someone who menstruate for 3days get pregnant?
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Why would someone not menstruate?

how would someone is pregnant not menstrate

You are 3days late for your period are you pregnant?


Does a woman Menstruate whiles Pregnant?


Should you be showing at four wks 3days pregnant?


When youre pregnant and your period come on and the blood be bubbly means?

If you were pregnant then you wouldn't menstruate at all. Menstruation only occurs if there is no pregnancy, if you menstruate you're not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant five days into your period?

It is biologically impossible to menstruate if you were pregnant.

Why most pregnant women don't menstruate?

Menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the uterus, which supports a fetus. When a woman is pregnant, she does not menstruate because she needs that lining to grow her child.

How long after your period you can know that you are preganat?

If you menstruate then you're not pregnant - it is possible to bleed while pregnant, but it is biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant. The very earliest you can tell when you're pregnant or not is 3 weeks after you had sex, via pregnancy test.

Can a pregnant woman menstruate?

Yes they can, but it's a low percentage.

What if you get pregnant a few days before your period?

This makes no sense - you only menstruate if you don't fall pregnant. It's also unlikely you'd be fertile so close to when you were due to menstruate.

Can you have your period when you are two weeks pregnant?

No, you cannot menstruate while you are pregnant. Menstruation only occurs if you don't fall pregnant.

Can you be on your period throughout your pregnancy?

No, it is biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant.

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