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If you were pregnant then you wouldn't menstruate at all. Menstruation only occurs if there is no pregnancy, if you menstruate you're not pregnant.

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2014-07-19 05:02:36
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Q: When youre pregnant and your period come on and the blood be bubbly means?
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Can you be pregnant if you had a negative blood test 20 days after sex and 2 periods?

No, when you have your period, that means that you are not pregnant.

When you have brown blood after your period can you get pregnant?

no it just means your vigina is cleaning itself.

Can you get pregnant 2 days before your period and have your period still come?

No. Having a period means you aren't pregnant. If you were, the blood would wash it out. Most women get pregnant mid-way beween their periods.

Are you pregnant if your period lasts longer?

No, if your on your period it means your not pregnant.

You think you might be pregnant but you have just had a period are you pregnant or not?

Having a period means you are not pregnant.

Does brown period blood mean your pregnant?

iDont think it means your pregnant , like you said its your period , but ithink you should take a pregnancy test still if you think so because alot of women mistake spotings for periods while they are pregnant . But from what someone told me off an website is that brown period blood is just blood tht has lost oxygen . iGet brown period blood myself before & my last day of my period.

Can you be pregnant while seeing your period?

No. The reason you have your period is because you have an unfertilized egg in your uterus so your uterus wall will shed off blood, causing your period. If youre pregnant ( which means you have a fertilized egg growing in your uterus) then your uterus will not feel the need to shed off blood.

Could i be pregnant i have sore heavy breasts headachs back ach cramps feel very tired i came on my period 2 days early an it is different to my last one it is very light i feel i have a temperature.?

when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant.

Why have you not had a period in a year?

that means you are pregnant

Does period prevent getting pregnant?

No, it means you are NOT pregnant. Your period drops the egg that would have been fertilized.

Can an 14 year old girl get pregnant without having her period?

no the period is a very important part of becoming pregnant. A period is the shedding of the uterine lining. Which the blood comes out from your vagina. So if you dont havie a period, chances are you are not ovulating, which means you cant get pregnant No you can not get pregnant without getting your period when U have your period u can get pregnant well if an egg is making its way and it gets combined by a male sperm u get pregnant and periods r the process of making babies!

If a girl is pregnant will she get her period?

No. The reason girls get periods is because when the eggs in there body aren't fertilized they leave the body with blood. But when a woman is pregnant it means the eggs have been fertilized.

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