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iDont think it means your pregnant , like you said its your period , but ithink you should take a pregnancy test still if you think so because alot of women mistake spotings for periods while they are pregnant . But from what someone told me off an website is that brown period blood is just blood tht has lost oxygen . iGet brown period blood myself before & my last day of my period.

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Q: Does brown period blood mean your pregnant?
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Dark brown period blood what does it mean?

Dark brown period blood usually appears near the end of your period.

My period blood is usually red this month it is brown and it is 10 days late what does this mean?

this happened to me when i was pregnant! hope this helps...and hope you are trying!

What does it mean when you have your period but the blood is blackish brown?

It's blood that has been there for awhile (old blood).

What does brown colored period mean when you just come on?

Brown is just old blood! It is totally normal!

What can it mean to have brown blood with cramps fatigue headaches and crankiness instead of your period if it is regular?

Brown blood just means old blood. It is quite common and normal. It sounds like you have pms and your period:)

Does light brown spotting 3 weeks late after my period is due means im pregnant?

It certainly can mean you are pregnant but it also may mean other things. You should take a pregnancy to be sure, or get the Dr. to give you a blood test to confirm.

What does it mean when you have brown through your whole period?

Nothing. It is old blood. You are OK.

What does it mean when you are spotting reddish brown blood?

I had it yesterday.. I think it means you have your period?

What does it mean if your period blood is a blackie brown color then a deep red color?

Nothing. It is just the brown is older blood and the red newer.

What Does it mean when your period blood is brown and thick?

Brown and thick period blood usually appears at the very beginning or very end of your period, or in small amounts between periods. This is just old blood, so old that it has changed color.

Most people are six weeks along before they know they are pregnant does this mean its normal to have your period when you are first pregnant?

Hello - No it is not normal to have your period but it is normal to experience light brown bleedig during the first month. This is simply old blood being flushed out of your system.

What does it mean if you have a brown mucus discharge after you wipe when pregnant?

This may indicate that you have a water infection. During early pregnancy, first trimester, this can be left over blood from your last period,but it will still need investigating by your Doctor.