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No it isn't the same hormones.

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Q: Can mixing a birth control pill and water make a pregnancy test positive?
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Can steroid injections cause a false pregnancy?

Birth control shots cannot cause falsely positive pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests measure hCG (human corionic gonatotropin). Birth control shots contain entirely different hormones.

Why do you get a pregnancy test before receiving birth control?

Birth control works by preventing pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, birth control is of no use.

Can you stop being pregnant with birth control?

No. Birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy only. Birth control does not stop an existing pregnancy. It is not safe to take birth control while you are pregnant.

Does the birth control pill increase the risk of pregnancy?

The birth control pill decreases the risk of pregnancy. That is what it is intended to do.

Can you still have a positive pregnancy test after having a miscarriage while on birth control?

Absolutely! While birth control does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test, the body will still have some pregnancy hormone (hCG) that will show up in blood or urine pregnancy tests even after a miscarriage. As the levels drop, the test will eventually become negative.

Can you get pregnant on your period if you use birth control?

No. Birth control will prevent pregnancy.

What does birth control do to a pregnancy?


When on birth control can you still take a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test any time you like. Birth control does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

Can prenatal vitamins work better then birth control?

Prenatal vitamins are to make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals to support a pregnancy. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy. They have different purposes. Birth control does not support a pregnancy, and prenatal vitamins do not prevent pregnancy.

You took birth control pills before taking a pregnancy test will that affect it?

Birth control pills have no effect on pregnancy tests.

Do you have to be on birth control to prevent pregnancy?

There are a number of methods to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills and hormonal birth control is not the only choice. Talk with your health care provider about options.

Is it possible to remain on birth control not knowing your body is starting a pregnancy?

It's possible to be pregnant, on birth control, and not know it. If so, you'll just stop the birth control when the pregnancy is discovered.