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Not with DNA from both women. The DNA will come from the biological parents: one man and one woman. Perhaps someday scientists can take half of the DNA from one of the women to fertilize the ovum of the other woman. However, producing a girl this way would be the easiest. Creating a boy would require not only taking half the DNA, but modifying one of the X chromosomes, either by full replacement from a man, preferably in the woman's family, or by replacing a few genes. There is no telling what would happen if a male version of the X chromosome (since only maybe 3 genes determine gender) was introduced into our species. It would certainly complicate genetic gender determination.

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Q: Can lesbians have a baby of their own with their own DNA?
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Does a fathers DNA mach his daughters baby if he is the father?

The baby will have a combination of both for its very own personal dna.

Can lesbians have a baby together?


Can lesbians' make a baby?

Not simply using each other's cells, but with some sperm, lesbians can (and do!) have children!

Why do lesbians have babies by lesbians?

Like everyone else, they want to have children, either by adoption, or by artificial insemination in which male unknown to the mother is implanted in her to make her pregnant.Just to make it clear: lesbians cannot have babies by lesbians. They can, however, acquire a baby as mentioned above and have babies with other lesbians.

Do lesbians have babies?

Yes, lesbians can have baby's, however they would need a donor and only one person of the couple can be the biological mother (one sperm, one egg)

Can you have a baby as a lesbian?

Yes. Millions of lesbians become mothers each year.

What are the possible solutions for baby switching?

DNA testing is the most reliable way to prevent baby switching. Perform a DNA test to make sure the baby's DNA and the parents' DNA match.

Does a nucleus contain its own DNA?

No, it has DNA in it but not its own.

Why are mitochondria able to reproduce themselves?

They have own circular DNA and ribosomes.So they can reproduce.

How can blood test be a solution to baby switching?

Blood tests can test for DNA. DNA tests can be used to make sure that the baby's DNA matches the parents' DNA.

What do cloroplast and mitocondria have that other organelles lack?

their own DNA

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