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Q: Can lesbians have a baby together?
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Are lesbians allowed to be together?

It really depends on your definition of "be together" In Some countries it is Legal for Lesbians to be in a relationship together but illegal for Lesbians to have sex. In Canada it is Perfectly legal for Lesbians to Live together, be Married, Have Kids, and have sex. However, in the USA while it is legal for Lesbians to live together, form "civil unions" and have sex, in many states it is illegal for us to get married.

Can lesbians' make a baby?

Not simply using each other's cells, but with some sperm, lesbians can (and do!) have children!

Girls and girls can be together?

Yes if they are lesbians

Do lesbians shower together?

If they wish, yes.

Can two lesbians live together and not be in a relationship?

Lesbians are no different that straight people who decide to live together. If the chemistry isn't there should be no problem with the relationship.

Why do lesbians have babies by lesbians?

Like everyone else, they want to have children, either by adoption, or by artificial insemination in which male unknown to the mother is implanted in her to make her pregnant.Just to make it clear: lesbians cannot have babies by lesbians. They can, however, acquire a baby as mentioned above and have babies with other lesbians.

Do lesbians have babies?

Yes, lesbians can have baby's, however they would need a donor and only one person of the couple can be the biological mother (one sperm, one egg)

Can you have a baby as a lesbian?

Yes. Millions of lesbians become mothers each year.

How long do lesbians stay together?

a relationsip between two lesbians is the same as a relationship between a man and a women, its just the sex is a little different.

What is a good cluster of fish that can live together?

A large group of experimental lesbians

Do you want Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez to get together as a couple?

ewww... no way.. they are not lesbians

Can 2 lesbians have a baby if so will the baby be gay or a lesbians?

Either one of them or both can have a baby, but they will still need a man to provide the sperm. As to how the baby will grow up, it has the same chance of being gay as anyone else does. While it might seem that it runs in some families, as far as anyone knows, it is just random chance who gets to be gay or lesbian.