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No, but if constipation is caused by illness, the illness can cause a period to be late.

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Q: Can consipation cause delay in periods?
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Can dengue cause a woman periods to delay?


Can swimming delay periods?

No, but periods can delay swimming.

Does antihistamine drugs delay periods?

They can delay periods, yes.

Is profinal 400 with augmentin delay periods?

No, Profinal 400 with augmentin will not delay periods.

Can taking oral metronidazole delay your period?

Yes it can delay the periods

Can hot flashes cause missed periods?

No, hot flashes are a symptom not a cause so they cannot delay menstruation. If you're experiencing hot flashes and missed periods then that points to a hormonal imbalance causing these symptoms.

Do antihistamine delay menstrual periods?


Can stress and prescribed steroids delay your period?

stress can cause delay periods however l'm not sure about the pills so you might want to consult your doctor about that . lf you are sexually active you can be pregnant

Does alcohol delay periods?

Alcohol does not delay periods unless you have consumed so much alcohol that your body is physically damaged. Alcohol generally has no effect on a period.

Does breast sucking by your boyfriend leads to delay in periods?


Can taking i-pill between primount N medication will delay periods When later is taken to cure the problen of irregular periods What are the chance of pregnancy?

When the i pill is used, it can delay the periods and the chances of pregnancy are low.

What causes delay in period?

Many things can cause a delay in a woman's period. Stress, poor diet, and a lack of sleep can cause a delay. A serious illness can also cause a delay.

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