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They can delay periods, yes.

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Q: Does antihistamine drugs delay periods
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Does antihistamine drugs delay periods and for how long?

I have not heard of antihistamine drugs delaying periods. Check with your pharmacist.

Do antihistamine delay menstrual periods?


Is profinal 400 with augmentin delay periods?

No, Profinal 400 with augmentin will not delay periods.

Can taking oral metronidazole delay your period?

Yes it can delay the periods

Does alcohol delay periods?

Alcohol does not delay periods unless you have consumed so much alcohol that your body is physically damaged. Alcohol generally has no effect on a period.

Can taking i-pill between primount N medication will delay periods When later is taken to cure the problen of irregular periods What are the chance of pregnancy?

When the i pill is used, it can delay the periods and the chances of pregnancy are low.

Different kinds of drugs and their meaning?

analgesics,tranquilizer,antacid,antihistamine and antibiotics.

What are the 6 common types of drugs?

Analgesics Antibiotics Antihistamine Hypnotics Tranquilizer

Does eating parsley delay your period?

It doesnt delay, It actually helps in preponing or correcting irregular periods.

Can you take tylonol with antihistamine?

If you are asking taking 2 different drugs at same time Tylenol and antihistamine yes, they have different properities, and serve different purposes.

Can running delay a period?

I do not think so,after all, I am runniing too,but my periods havent delayed. It usually happens that the periods get delayed due to some reason,but it has no association with period delay.

Is Ibuprofen in dramamine?

No. They are different drugs. Ibuprofen is pain killer and diphenhydramine (dramamine) is antihistamine drug.