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No, hot flashes are a symptom not a cause so they cannot delay menstruation. If you're experiencing hot flashes and missed periods then that points to a hormonal imbalance causing these symptoms.

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Q: Can hot flashes cause missed periods?
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Have missed 2 periods and having some mini hot flashes could this be the beginning of menopause?

If you missed 2 periods and have been having hot flashes, it could be a sign of menopause. It would be best to see your doctor if you are worried.

What causes hot flashes?

One main reason for hot flashes is menopause. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of hot flashes.

If IUD come out of cervix can it cause hot flashes?

An IUD removal will not cause hormonally-based hot flashes.

Irregular periods missed periods hot flashes memory loss age 46 tubal litigation 16 years ago whats up?

Sounds like Menopause. Go see your doctor and take tests.

Can chlamydia cause hot flashes in males?

Chlamydia may cause fever, rarely, but doesn't cause hormonal-related hot flashes.

Can magnesium cause hot flashes?


Would TSH level of 7.4 cause hot flashes?

Hot flashes can be affected by thyroid levels, so talk to your doctor about the levels.

Can hot flashes cause a heart attack or stroke?


NO hot flashes not premenopausal missed 3 periods the 4th month had period whats up?

Are you over 40? Menapause is characterized by periods less and less frequent. You can go down to 2-4 periods a year for five years before they stop. But to be safe take a urine pregnancy test if you are still active sexually.

Can you have hot flashes at 70?

Hot flashes can be caused by many medical conditions. Only one of them is menopause. If new hot flashes have appeared or you are concerned about them, seek the help of a physician who knows your medical history.

Can Prozac cause hot flashes?

Prozac is intended to treat depression, but is also used to relieve hot flashes, therefore it is not suppose to cause what it is intended to treat. That being said, it is not likely.

During menopause vasomotor instability is most likely to cause?

Hot flashes.