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I took one my mom brought home a year ago from the doctors office and it had been in the car all summer and it was a year expired.

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2010-11-22 02:23:27
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Q: Can a year expired pregnancy test give false negative result?
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Is it possible to have had a false negative pregnancy from an expired pregnancy test from 04?


Whats wrong with Expired pregnancy test?

Your results can be a false-negative or a false-positive.

Can an expired pregnancy test give a false negative reading Even if it's only 1 year expired?

Yes it can. Any pregnancy test can give a false negative (not picking up on the presence of the hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin)) however they will not give a false positive (The hormone will only be there if you are pregnant) An expired pregnancy test will be even less accurate.

Does the mini pill cause false negative pregnancy result?

No. Taking the test too soon causes false negative.

Can a viginal bleeding during pregnancy give false negative result of pregnancy test?


What can give a false result on a pregnancy test?

Ovarian cysts can cause a false negative result. In the case a woman knows she has cysts or PCOS, and believes herself to be pregnant despite a negative result on a home pregnancy test, scheduling a blood test with her practitioner would be advised.

What medications can contribute to a negative pregnancy result?

None to my knowledge, the hormone hCG is the hormone needed for a pregnancy to be viable. A false negative is an indication it is too early to test, otherwise there is no pregnancy.

Can Benadryl cause a false negative pregnancy test?

No. Benadryl does not cause false negative pregnancy test.

Can a positive home pregnancy test result be incorrect?

If you are not taking hormone supplements then you are pregnant. You can get a false negative, you cannot get a false positives.

Can having a BV cause a false negative on a pregnancy test?

BV won't cause a false negative on a pregnancy test.

Can atenolol cause a false negative pregnancy test?

Can atenolol cause a false negative

Can antihistamines cause false negative pregnancy test?

Promethazine (Phenagren) can cause a false negative.

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