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Marijuana traces can be evident in urine upto a week after it was 'consumed'. The tests will only be able to work out when it was smoked insofar as a weaker sample would suggest it had some time to work it's way out of the system, but could simply suggest less was smoked or the subject has higher metabolism rate. Traces will be evident in blood samples for much longer, sometimes up to three weeks.

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Q: Can a urine test determine when marijuana was smoked?
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If you smoked the day before a urine test would it be detected?

marijuana? yes.

If you smoked marijuana tonight would it show up in a urine test tomorrow?


You smoked one hit of marijuana you were clean for over a year before that will this show up in a hair or urine test?

probably in a hair test but not in urine

You had a urine test for pot but you smoked 21days before the test are you ok?

Can period blood change the result of a drug urine test if you had smoked marijuana twenty three days before the test?


If you smoked marijuana for the first time 3 weeks ago will you pass a urine test?

More than likely.

Does every urine test screen for marijuana?

Yes they do and some of them will indicate if you smoked up to two months ago!

If you have got arthritis would you be ok on a urine test if id smoked weed?

No. Unless you are a licensed medical marijuana user.

Can marijuana toxin levels be made to disappear Can a urine test for marijuana be beaten?

It depends on the time you smoked, If you urinated a long time ago you might beat it. I'm not sure though.

You smoke bout three times a day but you havent smoked for 74 days are you good on a urine test?

If you mean smoked marijuana, the answer is "probably yes." The risk is very low. Congratulations for stopping.

Do they send a saliva test for marijuana to the lab?

No, they don't do a saliva test for marijuana, they do a urine test.

How do you test for marijuana?

blood or urine.