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Absolutely not.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if she sucks the sperm?
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Does a girl get pregnant if she sucks male sperm?

No, oral sex can not get you pregnant. There is no way for the sperms to reach the fallopian tube and the egg.

If a mans mouth contain sperm who afterward sucks the girls vagina can the girl get pregnant?

It is possible but obviously he could have to have male sperm in his mouth in the first place. where ever the sperm comes from if it make contact with the vigina the girl can get pregnant

If a boy sucks girl's boobs will she be pregnant?

No, she can only become pregnant if your sperm from your semen comes in contact with her vagina. Basically putting your boy-part into her girl-part......

Can you get a girl pregnant if she sucks your penis you kiss than eat her out?

Can my girl friend fet pregnant when she sucks my dick

If a girl swallowthe sperm of a guy will she get pregnant?

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

Can blank sperm cells get a girl pregnant?

Sperm cells can get a girl pregnant. There is no such thing as a 'blank' sperm cell.

If a condom busts and you sperm i a girl is she pregnant?

If a comdom bust and your sperm is a girl the girl is most likely to get pregnant

If a guy finger to a girl but doesn't have sperm can a girl get pregnant?

In order for a girl to get pregnant there must be sperm involved.

Can a girl eat a boy sperm and get pregnant?

No, a girl won't get pregnant by eating sperm. The sperm need to enter the vagina.

What is the sperm for?

to get a girl pregnant

Can a girl pregnant if guy sucks girl breast?

No she can only get pregnant if any of his " parts" get into her. But there one exception that if even if she's doing oral if she even swallows the sperm she can not get pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant but you wanna do something. Try a condom. Hope this helps.

How you pregnant a girl?

A girl becomes pregnant when a sperm reaches her egg.

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