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Okay, if you can see there is two lines, but one is very faint, that is a 50% chance that it is. It could also be from sitting too long, as tests can become positive after a while.

This is not what I understand. I was told that any line at all = positive, as the HCG that the test measures isn't in your body unless you're pregnant.

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Q: Can 2 positive pregnancy tests with a faint line be pregnancy?
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Faint negative line on pregnancy test?

My positive line on my test was very daughter is now 15 months old!!!!!!!!!!

What does a faint negative line on a pregnancy test mean?

My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

I had severval faint positive tests then just retested and still a very faint line shouldn't the line be getting darker at 5 weeks?

Not necessarily but as long as there is a line, faint or not, you ARE pregnant. Considering that you have taken multiple tests, it's safe to say that you're not just getting a false positive. The line doesn't get darker the more pregnant you are.

What is it when there is 1 dark line and 1 faint line on a pregnancy test mean?

It depends on the pregnancy test, but usually it means a positive results. Congrats!

Very faint and thin line appeared right away on pregnancy test could I be pregnant and anyone else have this happen?

A faint line normally means that the test is still positive. However it also depends on the pregnancy test. If you want to know for sure get a test that says pregnant or not pregnant such as Clear Blue. Or you can contant you doctor and take a blood test. The faint line happened to me on two tests, and I am pregnant.

After being almost a week late Ive taken 2 positive pregnancy tests. The first test had a faint second line and the second test had an even fainter second line Is this normal?

YES! The blood test may have been performed too early, especially if the line on the home test is very faint. You should have the blood test repeated, but as a rule a positive test (either blood or urine) is positive

Are Equate Pregnancy Tests Accurate I got a horizontal Faint line under vertical line Help?

yes equate pregnancy test work just the same as a name brand ive been pregnet three times and used equate and had the same result for a positive a faint line under a dark blue but just to make sure check with your doctor good luck

You took a pregnancy test 4 weeks ago and it was a dark line now its a faint line?

Home tests are unreliable. Get tested by a doctor or hospital.

Had 3 tests the first one was positive the second one had one line showing and the other line was very faint but the third one was negative. Have cramps and spotting. Coud I be pregnant?

Yes your pregnant for sure! You might want to get some blood work to be sure, pregnancy tests arent that accurate

Could an evaporation line appear on a pregnancy test within ten minutes time frame?

if its within the ten minutes any faint line appears is a positive line

Can a Pregnancy test with very faint positive line be positive?

Yes.. I took a pregnancy test and got a very very faint almost non visible pink line.. I was also confused so bought a digital test and low and behold pregnant.. My advice would be to buy a digital test because you are probably pregnant!!!

Is it a bad thing if you have done 3 home pregnancy tests and them all come up with a faint positive line on them even when you have done them a week apart?

This happened to a friend of mine. Turned out she was not pregnant but actually diabetic. Go see your doctor