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yes equate pregnancy test work just the same as a name brand ive been pregnet three times and used equate and had the same result for a positive a faint line under a dark blue but just to make sure check with your doctor good luck

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:02:23
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Q: Are Equate Pregnancy Tests Accurate I got a horizontal Faint line under vertical line Help?
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Which pregnancy tests are the most accurate?

Ironically, the Walmart cheapies -- Equate brand. It identified my pregnancy four days before my period was due. (A faint line, but definitely a line.)

You took a equate pregnancy test after 3 minutes there was a very faint positive sign then you took another pregnancy test of a different brand and it was negative what does that mean?

the same thing happen to me ...very confusing...maybe the equate brand is more sensitive than the other

What kind of products does Walmart sell under the brand Equate?

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What are the pregnancy tests will start to show a positive after just 7-10 days?

The equate WalMart brand is the most accurate I have found. It is less expensive and it seems more sensitive. There is also the house brand for the Dollar Tree that seems to be very sensitive as well. It let me know about my fifth baby before the others.

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Did 3 equate pregnancy test and they ALL came back positive then went to have blood work done and it was negative Anyone have issues with equate test?

I had the same thing happen. I then asked around on a fertility awareness forum and was told that Equate can also pick up on LH. It made since. I had just ovulated very late and wasn't sure if I was pregnant or if indeed it was ovulation. I took every pregnancy test known to mankind to see if they would turn positive as well. They did not. Only Equate. It gave me a really dark positive mixed with super light ones. the only negative test was the one I tested with water to be sure I wasn't going insane. I did 6 tests in total (including water test) I am not pregnant. Equates are not accurate. I researched on the internet more to find out people have been complaining about this brand as far back as 2002. Its 2009. If you are pregnant, you will get a positive on equate AND other tests, to include a blood test (which is considered positive around with a beta# 25 or higher with most doctors but not all).. I hope that helps some.

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You got a really faint negative line on the Equate Pregnancy test does that mean you are pregnant?

im not sure. i just bought one too and got the same thing!! someone help!!

Had the IUD mirena for about 4 months your breast or really tender can you be pregnant?

IUD's are around 99+% effective against unintended pregnancies, thus the risk of pregnancy is increadibly low. Breast tenderness does not equate to pregnancy, it could be a reaction to hormones in the IUD or breast growth.

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