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You can still bleed while you're pregnant like you would when you get your period. Definitely take a pregnancy test to be sure.

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Q: Are you pregnant if you had a period but you have morning sickness and still cramp after your period is gone?
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Your period is 3 days late and you have been slightly cramping for about a week Could you be pregnant?

when you miss your period, and if you are pregnant, does your body still cramp like it does when you are starting your period?

How early after your period will you cramp if pregnant?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but if you've had a normal period with normal flow since your last intercourse you are not pregnant.

2 weeks you been having cramp feelins in your stomachand your period is late are you pregnant?

you posibly could be pregnant or about to get your period. it could also mean you are having a misscarrige.

Can you be pregnant if you had a sharp cramp and feeling like im getting your period but dont?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

I had a light watery period but didnt cramp like usual on my period could I be pregnant?

i answer youre question with a question had u had unprotected sex? and if u did get a HPT

Can you still have be pregnant with your period and still have cramps?

Yes you can still have your period and be pregnant. I have about 3 friends who told mi they had there periods for 5 months straight while they were pregnant n they still had cramp's. So the answer to that is yes best thing to do is go see a doctor asap.

Is it normal to have menstrual like cramp but not on period?

You can also cramp during ovulation.

Is it normal that you feel absolutely nothing in 12th week of pregnancy with no morning sickness?

There could be a couple of reasons for this: # Some women are fortunate enough to not experience much morning sickness, if any at all. # Week 12 is the last week of your first trimester. Most pregnancy symptoms (or at least the morning sickness, tender breasts) tend to fade after the first trimester. So if you at one point had morning sickness and now you do not, it could just be that you are starting to go into your second trimester. As long as ALL of your pregnancy signs do not start fading and you do no start bleeding or cramping, I think you will be okay. But be sure to call your doctor if you do start to bleed or cramp.

I have taken 3 tests all negative and I'm 4 weeks late on my period and have cramps in my sides?

Either your asking will you still get cramps or are you pregnant the answer will still be yes.Because you will always get cramps except when your pregnant you'll get contractions which are kinda similar....................... and you probably had an abnormal period meaning you just didn't show and that means you will still cramp which mean you'll cramp regardless pregnant or period.

Why do i have menstrual cramps for 2 weeks before I get my period i am not pregnant?

It's not menstrual cramp but it can feel that way. You are ovulating and some women notice none of this and others do.

Is cramp or pains in feet and toes common while pregnant?


What does it mean if i have a period with no cramps?

A cramp free period means you had no cramps, nothing more.