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A cramp free period means you had no cramps, nothing more.

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2012-01-01 19:31:33
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Q: What does it mean if i have a period with no cramps?
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Related questions

What does it mean if you have cramps?

it could mean that you are about to start your period or have

What does it mean if you have a period with no cramps all the time?

Does not mean anything. You are very lucky not to have cramps. They are not fun.

What does it mean when you always have period cramps?

It's not uncommon for women to always have cramps associated with their periods.

What does it mean when a girl gets cramps below her stomach?

Could be period cramps pms or something

What does it mean when you have cramps after a period?

Cramps after your period may be due to ovulation or a hormonal imbalance. It's best to talk to your doctor about this if it keeps occurring.

What is wrong with you if you keep having period cramps and no period what dose that mean?

You are pregnant silly

Can you have period cramps when your not on your period?

Yes. It is possible anytime to get period cramps.

What does spotting and cramps mean?

Spotting is the spillage of blood from the vagina not a period. And cramps are the uterus contracting so blood could come out... what we call a period.

What does it mean when girls get cramps?

Usually, it means their period is about to start, or has started.

What does it mean if you are having menstrual cramps and bleeding?

you might be having a period

Do you get your period right after you have cramps?

no i get cramps during my secound day of my period

If you get cramps does that mean you will get your period soon?

Usually. If it hasn't already started, and you're sure it's cramps, then it's coming.

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