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You're pregnant

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Q: What does it mean when having cramps a week later after finished your period?
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Had period early and am having cramps ten days later is this normal?

no. go see a doctor about that. I'm not sure if u r alien or not.

Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex a few days after you finished your period and started having cramps three days later?

If it was your first time having sex, this change is common. The body is trying to adjust to the new activity. If you are a more experienced individual, it could be anything (stress for example). When in doubt, take a test.

Having period cramps but no period?

Yes that's actually very normal specially around days 14 and up of the cycle. You get your period DAY 1, then 14 days later (approximately) when you're ovulating it's very possible to get cramps specially in the back. some knee pain may occur.

Had 2 periods 1 week apart then a week later having cramps and tender nipples?

Go to the doctor. The cramps and tender nipples sounds like PMS or something similar. Actually you may have only had one period and just think it is two.

How can you make you period come a week later?

by having period control pills.

What does it mean if your period ended and then two days later you have really bad cramps and when you wipe there is a little blood?

it's still not over ur period

Is is normal to have your period a week early with no cramps?

Yes it is normal. If you exercise more then you will have it later . And the cramps it just depends sometimes ya' have them sometimes ya' don't ... But yeah it is normal....

What are some symptoms for your first period?

You'll probably have a little more bleeding than you normally will later on.. And you'll probably get some cramps as well. Do a lot of stretching when the cramps come along.

Clumpy discharge then few days later bloody and brown discharge with some cramps but no itching swelling or odor and period isn't due for 2 weeks I'm on birth control is this a yeast infection?

No yeast infections smell and itch you are just having a simple period

I Had Unprotected Sex 2 Days Later Im Having Heavy Bleeding Cramps ANd Brown Discharge?

this is relevent to the question: how old are you?

When can i expect a period after having a miscarriage?

I miscarried at 7 weeks and my period came around 33 day later.

After period you experience cramps three days later what does that mean?

it could just mean that your growing to fast and your mucsles arn't used to your body yet

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